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      Welcome to BeFreeForMe! 

      Having a food allergy or celiac disease can be an extraordinary challenge. The breezy days of quickly planning a menu of ¡°whatever¡± are over.  Speedy trips to the grocery store turn into a quick-study of every product¡¯s nutritional label. Grocery bills can increase threefold ¨C and even then you end up being disappointed in the items purchased. And lastly, eating out at a restaurant as a special treat can quickly turn into more trouble than it's worth.
      Welcome: BeFreeForMe!

      is the first and only web site to offer coupons, samples and sharing to gluten and food allergy-free consumers. Welcome!

      Be Free!
      Kathleen Reale
      Founder of BeFreeForMe
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      Latest Recipes

      Easy Pork Satay
      Serve over white or brown rice. Make extra marinade sauce for dipping!
      Eggplant UnParmesan
      Try this Italian favorite... made with kitchen staples!
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      Latest Articles

      Shrimp: Big in Flavor for a Gluten-Free Diet It¡¯s no wonder that shrimp is the number one seafood consumed by Americans. With the convenience of buying them cooked and ready-to-eat, shrimp is a quick, easy & healthy meal choice for today¡¯s busy families that are eating gluten-free.
      Kid-Style Gardening & Veggie Hunting: A Gluten & Allergen-Free Adventure Growing vegetables or buying local is good for your kids creativity and nutrition! Gardening & farmer¡¯s markets encourages children to ask questions about the foods they eat...
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